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Paul White, the President of Alliance Mailing Inc. started working in the industry in 1982 for one of the most reputable mailing houses in the country. After the company was sold, Mr. White went on to form his own company, Alternative Mailing Service Inc. With this company, he built a steady and dedicated client base in Baltimore.


After continued efforts and growing relationships with clients and vendors, he saw the need for customers to get in-house services. To meet these needs, he added personnel, equipment and support services to create Alliance Mailing Inc. in 1999.

About Alliance Mailing Inc.

Trusted experience and reliability

  • On-site technicians for reliable help with mailing and equipment use

  • Over 20 years' experience in the mailing industry with focus on quality

  • Highest performance of quality control - we request sign-off for layouts, proofs, and file information to avoid errors

  • No job is too big or too small - all jobs are treated with great care

  • Knowledgeable staff to efficiently answer any questions and offer cost-effective mailing solutions

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Demonstrated excellence in customer service

  • Aiding customer in the mailing and producing process

  • Offering timely, FREE quotes to customers for all services

  • Reviewing all mailing documentation for mail jobs

  • Generating accurate and timely billing for customers

  • Offering postage escrow accounts

  • A close, working knowledge of the Domestic Mail Manual